My Dog Chewed My Shoes. Can They Be Fixed?

Oh no! You came home to find out that your precious pup made a chew toy out of your favorite pair of shoes. Or maybe you just left them unguarded for a few minutes and your dog went to town on them.

However it happened, it’s hard to stay mad at your pooch. But the damage to your shoes still remains. So, can dog chewed leather shoes be fixed? The quick answer is yes, most of the time your shoes can be repaired.

We have been in the business of cobbling for more than 30 years. In that time, we’ve seen some of the worst damage to shoes, boots and sneakers that you can imagine. In this post, we will offer our expertise to help you decide if your shoes can be saved from the damage caused by your dog chewing, gnawing and scratching at them.




My Dog Chewed My Shoes. Can They Be Fixed - Cobbleron Australia

Puppies will often chew on shoes because they’re teething and similar to babies they need something to chew on to relieve the discomfort. But if your adult dog is taking chunks out of your Chucks, then it could be because they’re experiencing some kind of anxiety or stress. – Cesarsway.com


Assessing the damage to your shoe

When a pair of shoes comes in for repair, the first job is to assess the extent of damage. Here are some of the basic parts of a shoe that we consider when making a plan for repair:

  • The sole is the very bottom of your shoe. Replacing soles is one of the most common types of repair, so if that’s all your dog has damaged, chances are very good that your shoe is fixable. Soles can actually be replaced anywhere from 3 to 10 times over the lifetime of a shoe!
  • The insole is the bottom inside of your shoe—the part your foot rests on. A dog has to dig pretty deep into the shoe to get at the insole, but it does happen. Insoles are relatively easy to fix or replace, especially because they don’t really require any cosmetic repair.
  • The heel consists of both a cap and a base, and some shoes don’t actually have a heel separate from the sole. Heels can easily be replaced, and very light damage may only require a simple repair.
  • The shoe upper is the most aesthetically important part of your shoe. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the first places that your pup’s teeth will sink into. Repairing shoe uppers is usually doable, as long as the damage isn’t too extensive.


chewed shoe repair australia

Setting a goal for shoe repair

After evaluating the damage, a skilled cobbler will set reasonable expectations for what can be repaired and to what extent.

The first goal is to repair your shoes’ functionality. By strengthening or rebuilding the underlying structure of your shoes, we can ensure that they still work well. The job isn’t done until your cobbler is confident that your shoes will provide the support they were designed for.

The second goal is to repair your shoes’ aesthetic appeal. Once the shoe is back in working condition, we shift our focus to making them look as good as new again. This can include everything from patching holes to painting leather.

If you want to see just how extensive shoe repair can get, watch this video from Insider of a cobbler fixing a pair of $1,000 Guccis that the owner’s dog really dug into.

Here at Cobbleron we specialise in Chanel, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana, Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and many other brands. Not sure if your shoes can be repaired? contact Cobbleron online or via phone to find out. Not in Victoria?, Cobbleron offers repairs Australia-wide!

cobbleron chewed shoes repair - before after
Here’s a pair of chewed Jimmy Choo heels repaired by Cobbleron, before & after.


Can a cobbler fix a chewed heel?

Yes! Though the actual approach may vary depending on the extent of the damage.

If the heel damage is superficial and mostly just cosmetic, your cobbler will likely be able to make it look good as new again just by applying a little filler and paint.

If the heel is severely damaged, then it will likely need to be replaced all together. When your pooch takes half an inch off of the shoe, all the filler and paint in the world can’t make it whole again!

The good news is that heel replacement is a relatively straightforward job for an experienced cobbler. Furthermore, you’ll actually be extending the lifespan of your shoes by getting new heels. Unfortunately, in order to maintain proper structure and balance, we do recommend replacing both heels, even if one shoe is undamaged. Otherwise, you risk walking unevenly, which could lead to discomfort and a host of larger foot health problems.


cobbleron chewed shoes repair - before after 2
Another pair of Jimmy Choo chewed heels repaired by Cobbleron.


How to fix bite marks on leather

When your dog digs into the shoe upper, the fix is a little more complicated. After all, this is the unique part of a shoe—the part that attracted you to this pair in the first place. It’s not as simple as just finding a replacement upper. That would essentially be buying a new shoe.

Instead, we need to treat each piece of damage with the most appropriate measure. Small cracks, tears and dents can often be healed with a liquid leather filler. An expert cobbler will use a rotary tool or similar instrument in order to create a smooth finish. Furthermore, leather paint is applied in order to ensure that the colour matches the original as much as possible.

More extensive damage, such as a gaping hole, will need to be patched with a new piece of leather. Again, a cobbler who knows what they are doing will be able to avoid the obvious appearance of a patch.


fix bite marks on shoes australia


What if you can’t match colours?

Our goal is to try to make your repaired shoe look as good as new as possible. If it looks like it’s been repaired, then the job isn’t done yet. But sometimes, the biggest obstacle to a job well done isn’t the damage. It’s the colour.

Ideally, we can find leather filler or paint that is an exact match with your original shoe. On rare occasions, however, the colour won’t be available. In this case, we will try to mix a colour that is as close as possible. If the damage is small, this is often a suitable enough solution.

For larger damaged areas, an unmatching paint will stand out more than acceptable. In this case, we often repaint the entire shoe so that everything looks normal.

Another popular option if the colour cannot be matched, we can also a contrast for example by colouring heel a damaged in a opposite colour like black. Furthermore, we can even colour the toe of the heel to create a symmetrical balance.

Can synthetic leather shoes be repaired?

Unfortunately, synthetic leather shoes are usually not repairable to the same extent as natural leather. Yes, a cobbler can replace a synthetic leather heel. But damage to the shoe upper isn’t really fixable.

Faux leather is essentially plastic, so traditional leather fillers can’t be used to mend cracks and tears. Realistically, synthetic leather isn’t made to last. Lack of repairability is one of the unfortunate trade offs that come with the lower cost of non-natural leathers.


chewed leather shoes repair australia 2

Can damaged zips be repaired?

First, we hope your poor dog didn’t hurt their teeth on those hard metal zips. And second, yes! We can certainly do something about the damage.

The zip on a dog chewed leather shoe can be replaced completely if the damage is extensive. Depending on the style and level of wear, we may recommend replacing both zippers in order to maintain a consistent look between your boots.

For lighter damage, it may be more affordable (and just as effective) to simply repair the zips. Our cobblers can help you make the best decision after giving your shoes a thorough evaluation.

How to decide if shoe repair is right for you

Just because your shoes are repairable, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should get them repaired.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re cobblers. Shoe repair is our business, and we would love to have your business. But we also want to be honest with you. So here are two questions you can ask yourself to make an informed decision about investing in shoe repair.

repairing chewed shoes australia

Is the shoe an easy fix?

When it comes to dog chewed leather shoes, easy fixes include elements like heels, soles, buckles and zippers. These are pieces that don’t usually affect the life of the shoe and can generally be easily replaced.

If it’s an easy fix, you are almost always making the right choice if you opt for shoe repair. If the damage is more extensive to the upper part of the shoe, you want to consider the next question…

Are the repairs worth it?

Now, for some people this may just be an economic decision. For example, imagine you’ve spent $350 on the shoes, gotten 5 good years out of them and the repairs are estimated at $150 or more.

You could justifiably decide that you would rather just buy a new pair of shoes. The cost of repairs isn’t as worthwhile as starting fresh.

On the other hand, maybe you’re in love with your shoes. Maybe that particular style is no longer available from that particular brand. By investing in the shoe repair, maybe you could get another 5 years out of your favorite leather shoes. In this case, even though it might not be a strictly financial decision, the repairs are still very much worth it.


Chewed shoes repair price australia


Schedule your repair with Cobbleron today!

If you do decide to undo the damage caused by your curious little pup, we hope you’ll consider Cobbleron. Since 1987, we have served the people of Melbourne with expertise and creativity.

Our online cobbler service form makes it easy to get your dog chewed leather shoes fixed. Give it a try to get a repair cost estimate and even schedule your service today.

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