Formerly known as Simon’s Shoe Repairs, this small family business was established in 1987 by Simon Miller, at 500 Bourke Street behind National Bank building. When Simon first began working, he used hand tools for his shoe repairs. Slowly, as the business grew, he added machinery as well as additional services such as key cutting, leather care and bag repairs. When Simon retired in 1998, the business was passed on to his son-in-law Igor. Simon stayed on in the business for another two years, to mentor young Igor and teach him the trade. Since then, Igor has been the proud owner of the family business. In 2007, Igor was notified that 500 Bourke St was to be demolished to build Movida restaurant. When the shop’s lease expired he began searching for a new site. Wanting to stay in the area, and retain his loyal customer base, he was lucky to find and secure his current location at 500 Collins Street.

We strives for perfection. We are continually trying to improve our skills. W don’t like to be complacent and won’t settle for the “old ways”. We are always on the lookout for ways to improve the business – innovative technologies, different materials, new services. Today, people are time and quality conscious, so there is no room for error. Simon’s Shoe Repairs was slowly fading, so We decided it would be a good idea to rebrand. We had to come up with a new name, a fresh appearance and some new shoe and leather services, and that’s how COBBLERON was born.”
So, actually, everything has changed – even the services. We have evolved into Cobbleron to stay current – an original, slick design, computerized Point-Of-Sale, modern products and more. And it won’t stop there – We will always keep an eye out for better, smarter and contemporary improvements…

Igor loves being a Cobbler in the city of Melbourne– he loves his customers and interacting with them.

He also likes a challenge and relishes the jobs that demand creativity to transform something ordinary into something extraordinary!

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