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Designer luxury bags are one of the most striking accessories that you can show off – the luxury bags from Louis Vuitton attract attention like no other brand on the market today. It is this eye-catching quality, however, that makes damage to a bag very quickly spotted by keen eyes. Scratches, tears and misshapen frames are quick to ruin the otherwise stunning visage of these bags.

So, what can be done to remedy this you might ask?

At Cobbleron, we offer our significant experience to help make repairs to your luxury bags so that you can show them off once again. Whether it be a new or vintage Louis Vuitton, Prada or Burberry bag, we can restore it to its former glory for you.

Unparalleled attention to detail

Because these bags are made from the highest quality materials sourced from around the world, at Cobbleron we make sure to always use materials of a corresponding quality. It is this appreciation of quality combined with our attention to detail that allows for the most beautiful bags in the world to continue being the statements they are.

Even if your bag isn’t falling apart at the seams, you’d be surprised at how far a restoration will rejuvenate both the exterior and interior of one of your most prized possessions.

Don’t wait to have your luxury bag restored

If you have a luxury leather bag that could use a little love and attention, we’d love to help you. whether its small alterations and restorations or serious damage, Cobbleron are here to help make your old bag your most important new accessory again.

To contact us for bag repairs online, send your message through our online contact form. We’ll be sure to reply as quickly as possible with all the answers you need. Alternatively, give us a call on 03 96143313 or drop by our store at Level 1, 500 Collins Street in Melbourne’s CBD. If you’re interested in our luxury bag repairs, you might also be interested in Cobbleron’s designer shoe repairs and briefcase repairs.

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Shop 13, Level 1/500 Collins Street, Melbourne

5.0 132 reviews

  • Avatar human computer interaction ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    *incredible* service and work.
    Igor was kind and informative about what he could do for the heel of my Frankie 4s. They are
    … More expensive boots and I wanted top notch care for them. His fix was exemplary work *and* he was willing to move the pickup up one day so I could get them before I flew to Sydney for meetings. I highly recommend Cobbleron.
  • Avatar Nicholas Pollock ★★★★★ a month ago
    This place has become my first stop for a cobbler. I went here recently for some work on my valuable sneakers and the gentleman … More went so far and beyond that I will now recommend this place to anyone that will listen. Brilliant service, quality work, and a great price.
  • Avatar Anndy Edwards ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Enter via Little Collins St cafe area, or Enter via 500 Collins Street hotel building, and go up the stairs.
    Excellent service,
    … More very fast service for typical key cutting. Cannot cut security keys or fobs (as it is illegal).
  • Avatar Peter Rosel ★★★★★ a year ago
    These Italian boots were worn to death by my wife for 10+ years (literally, they were headed for the bin).
    As there was an
    … More emotional connection to these boots I looked everywhere to find someone to repair them, every time I took them into all the other cobblers in Melbourne, I was told the boots were too far gone and that they didn’t have the skill set to complete such a repair.
    On a last ditch effort before they were to be thrown out, a friend of mine told me about Igor from Cobbleron.
    I took them to show Igor, he looked at them; “worn out soles, yes. Leather and inner soles in great condition, no problem!” “I can sew the old leathers onto new soles, no problem” “while I’m there I’ll restore the suede and anything else I find”
    With a quick turn around I was presented with these looking as good as new with full new leather soles and solid leather heals and anti slip sole.
    Fantastic job, highly recommended. Have since returned for Igor to assess another set of Prada’s. Look forward to more dealings with Cobbleron in the future.
    Wife is over the moon to have her beloved boots back for another 10+ years of adventures!!
    Thank you for the great service Igor.

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