Heel Repairs

Fashion Heels Replacement in Melbourne

Although high quality heels use some of the best materials in the world in their construction, they are still prone to damage. If they’re worn to work, walking around every day will no doubt have an impact with wear and tear, which can even lead to more serious damage.

Even if you have heels that are only worn on special occasions, one wrong step can unfortunately apply enough pressure to snap a delicate heel. A broken heel does not mean the end of your shoe, though – a high quality repair can mean your (often expensive) pair of heels can have a new lease on life! This is particularly important in cases where shoes are valuable fashion pieces, such as those made by Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin.

Remedying a variety of heel damage

Heel damage doesn’t occur in a consistent way. Instead, it develops as a result of a number of factors, which is why Cobbleron provide a tailored service with our heel repair. Whether your heel has been scuffed, is worn, or has snapped, we approach each individual shoe in a completely tailored way. This is particularly important as shoe brands can approach the design of their heels in very different ways, and a one-fits-all approach simply would not work.

Contact us today

If your heel has suffered from unfortunate wear and tear or has broken completely, Cobbleron are here to make sure that your shoe is returned to a perfect state, while always using the best materials possible. Drop by our CBD location in Melbourne at 525 Little Collins Street Monday to Friday and we can discuss your heel issue further. We are open from 8am to 6:30pm, so you can even drop by before or after work.

If you have any questions about heel repair or any of our other services, such as leather bag repairs, we’d love for you to get in touch with us today. Contact us by sending your enquiry via our online contact form, or by ringing us directly on 03 96143313.